Wes Hughes

Wes Hughes has countless years of endurance sport experience, beginning with cycling and running in his younger years. Mountain bike racing was his initial passion before a short spell on the track in Manchester. Whilst at University his passion switched over to long distance triathlons. His Ironman racing took him to events all over the globe including; United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia. He reached the pinnacle of the sport in qualifying and competing on the big island at the iconic Kona 'World Ironman Championships' in Hawaii.

In between times, Wes has also enjoyed endurance running in events such as the 100km UK Trail-Walker and Cross-Country skiing for some much needed cross training. But cycling has always been Wes' passion and throughout he has enjoyed competing at the highest level.

Recently, Wes' cycling has been focused in the South East Asian region with the Singapore based Integrated Racing Team. His recent successes including the Tour de Bintan, the Tour of Chiang Mai and qualifying for the 2016 Gran Fondo World Championships in Perth, Australia. He also enjoys riding with the local chapter of the Audax group, and competed in the Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling event finishing in an impressive time of 58 hours.

Wes hopes to bring good looks, a sense of humor and youth to the team, whilst doing his very best to stamp on those pedals and play his part in the Team Australia's success in RAAM 2017.