Alan Bradley

Alan Bradley has many years of cycling under his belt……some might say too many! 2017 will be his second time participating in a 4-man RAAM team, and coupled with recent cycling racing experience in Asia and competing in a number of multi-sport events including several 70.3 Ironman races, he is well positioned to make a significant contribution to Team Australia II. Alan is a team player with an iron will and is well known on the road as a tough competitor who has the ability to ride hard all day and leave nothing in the tank. Like  the rest of the team he is driven by a strong desire to compete and work with the team to ensure ultimate success. For the past year Alan has resided in Singapore where he is Managing Director for a large international company in the marine support industry. He is a member of the Integrated Racing Team in Singapore, rides with the local chapter of Audax, as well as training regularly with his wife Kim, who is a Personal Trainer, triathlete and part of the Team Australia II support crew.