Team Australia have been long time partners and friends with the Outrun Cancer charity. Outrun Cancer was founded by Luca Turrini after he lost his mother to a very aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. Within 5 months of being diagnosed she had passed away. The sudden tragedy was the catalyst for Luca to start the Outrun Cancer charity in March 2011. Driven by his passion for running, desire to ‘get back at cancer’ and a touch of craziness, Luca spent 11 months organising and training for what would be his biggest challenge to date… completing 20 marathons in just 29 days across Italy, raising money and awareness for cancer prevention.

Luca and Outrun Cancer are convinced that many cancers are preventable. In Australia, it is estimated that by 2025 improvement in diet and physical activity alone, could potentially prevent up to 43,000 cancers. That’s the same number of people that died of cancer in 2011. Outrun Cancer is heavily involved with the Cancer Council and is committed to raising money for both cancer patients and regular healthy people.

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In 2015, Team Australia and Outrun Cancer combined to put on a very successful fundraising event. Outrace Cancer was held in Sydneys Martin Place. For a 24 hour period there were a team of riders on stationary trainers and runners on treadmills. Team Australia used the event to simulate their race strategy in preparation for the 2015 race. Luca himself ran solo on a treadmill covering 210kms in 24 hours. The event raised in excess of $100,000 and raised plenty of awareness and inspiration for the need to live a heathly and balance lifestyle.